9/06/2008 02:31:00 PM

And Thunder

Sometimes I wonder

if the thunder is all in my head.
If the lightning strikes
just to mock me.
I can still hear the uproar,
echoing in my ears.
The brilliance
sears new canyons in my mind.
The silence of the rain
tempts me into sleep,
but the redundant sound
haunts my nightmares
like a childhood monster.
I wake,
still dreaming,
to find misery,
gray misery still.
No break from my dreary solitude.
No silver lining.
Simply gray,
and thunder.
My memories of the sun are vague
and I find they fade away
as surely as the rain will not.
The dreariness is perversely enchanting
as I fade off into transient sleep.
I find no salvation.