11/06/2008 06:36:00 PM


I just want to take some time to say how happy I am about Obama's win. I feel like maybe my children will have some chance for a good future in this country if this is where we decide to stay. That is all I want to say.


Musaafir said...

Are you sure? Are you sayingt this knowing or from emotion? Have you really followed his speeches before election?

Aayesha said...

Assalamu alaikum,
I have followed this election very closely and I know everything that he has said including the things about going to Pakistan. But the unfortunate truth is that no matter who it is that is elected in this country, they will HAVE to speak the same language, and maybe go thorugh with the actions. This being said, people of this country elected a man named BARAK OBAMA! That in itself is amazing and part of my thinking is that when you hear this name and see this face everyday in your household, you start to see things differently and names like Ahmed and Fatimah don't sound as strange. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but I think it is okay to hope for something better.
On a different note: I don't want to sound rude, but I have no idea who you are. You have your profile set to private and no way to contact you. It would be nice to know who I am talking to.
Also, I am not trying to be controversial in talking about this and I am definetly not trying to spark some big debate. I just feel very emotional about this issue having grown up in this country.

Musaafir said...

wa alaikum as salam wa rahmatullah. I didn't take it as rude. it's not about setting my profile to private, i don't have one. I don't blog; but my email is musaafeer@gmail.com. Also since I left a message here asking question, i would come back here to check if u replied. so u actually are getting ur words to me. and i can reply too. you haven't required that only people u know can leave a comment, did u?

I'm sorry if i hurt your feelings. even with the very short post, u came out emotional. and u said that in ur reply too. All i was trying to do is to raise question in ur mind so to look at it from a diffrent angle without emotion.

Yes as an american it's inevitable that one will fee emotional. But if he/she is a muslim at the same time, doesn't his/her deen come first?

will it be wrong to ask to look at it from the eyes of a muslim since your children are muslim and your hopes were about them?
How should we expect things to change for muslim, when the hijabi muslim women were not allowed to sit in the front row lest it hurt his campaign? yes he appologized, but wasn't he just being political? if he wasn't he would not stop at appologizing only; there are many muslim women activists in this country who were supporting him. He could have called one of them to speak in his camppaign. But you know, I know and all of America know he didn't do that.

He was trying so hard to prove that he is not one of 'them'. what makes you think he won't continue to do so? and if he does how does it make it better for muslim americans? how does it make better for ur daughter who will stand out as muslim because of her hijab?

I didn't even bring the issues concerned aqeedah, a major one, beacuse i was trying to stay within the context of your post.

No I don't mean to go into debate either nor am i trying to prove u wrong. Just raising some question to ponder. Sorry if I asked too many.

May Allah bring good to you and your children even better than what you are hoping for. wa as salamu alaykum.

Umm Travis said...

assalamu alaykum

sister, I miss your blogging!!

ANd the new layout is so pretty!

Musaafir said...

here is a nice article i came across

Thought you and your friend's will benefit inshaAllah.